Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sony F55 using Canon FD lenses, Part 7, the footage!

Today I'm posting some footage I've shot with the Sony F55. Finally, right! If you've seen this series of postings, you've been following the tests I've been conducting to see if I can get a filmic look from the camera using Canon FD lenses and adjusting a few Paint settings within the camera.

I posted to YouTube because they allow a full 1920x1080 file so people can see this as big as possible. In this first footage release I'm showing a day interior, many day exteriors, and many night exteriors, some with available light and some are crudely lit. I wasn't trying to make GONE WITH THE WIND or anything, just wanted to use the camera in a variety of situations to see a result.

Camera settings as follows: XAVC, 23.98p, S-log-2, S-gamut, -50 master detail, -50 crispness. Each scene was color corrected using Fast Color within Premiere Pro CC and pumping up the saturation usually 200% to compensate for the wide S-gamut color spread. There are a few off-speed scenes at 1fps and 48fps and one at 60fps, which was impressive to the Sony Pro SxS card at 1920x1080. There are a few night scenes, mostly at 2500 ISO and one at 4000 ISO. Not much noise in those ISO settings but enough gain to see city lights well enough.

Conclusion: I have to say I think this camera can look filmic depending on the lenses used. I liked what these photo primes look like and wouldn't hesitate to use them. And I wouldn't hesitate turning the master detail down or off in the Paint menu. I found out from a Sony rep that off is the same as turning the master detail all the way to -100. During the shoot I turned down the Crispness setting to -50, but recently learned from the Sony Rep that Crispness is a type of noise filter. The lower the setting, the more noise can get through. the higher the setting, less noise gets through but you sacrifice resolution. So actually, I'm impressed the night scenes show very little noise considering I let more noise through, though in future, I probably would leave this at the factory setting.

I also had a chance to update the firmware in the camera from 1.12 to 1.20 in both the F55 and the R5 recorder. By following the Sony directions, I achieved these updates pretty easily, however, I wasn't able to accomplish the update on the R5 going from 1.20 to 1.21 for some reason. I shot only a couple of SR codec files for a friend to test out on his Avid, as I can't work with SR in Premiere Pro CC. But this is absolutely a great codec to be able to provide clients with high standards!

Ok, so here is the link to YouTube since the video insert in the blog software didn't want to upload my file. Perhaps larger than their specs allow.

The next footage post will be of the internal gamma curves Sony provides for the F55.

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