Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sony F55 using Canon FD lenses, Part 8, Gamma footage

Yesterday I posted a variety of shots, day and night, from S-log-2 mode, which is the setting I think I would most use, but what about the gamma curves Sony builds into the camera. Sony described these as "looks" that you can bake into the image with the expectation of less color correction in post.

The first set of curves are the STD (standard) 1-6, and I would describe these to be more video looking with high color saturation and fairly high contrast, in general.

The second set of curves are the HG (hyper gamma) 1-4 plus 7 and 8. These are less saturated and generally have less contrast, more film looking.

The idea of the test was to setup a portrait style lighting scheme with my lovely wife posing while wearing black, white, and a middle grey value color like red. I lit her with a fairly high key to shadow ratio of two stops, and the background is two to three stops under at the darkest points. Without changing any lighting, I wanted to see what changed in the scene going from one curve to the next.

Details of my findings can be seen in my earlier blog post, Part 6, Gamma Curves, so I recommend you check that out after you see the footage.

Here is the YouTube link.

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